Sunday, December 6, 2015

Logic and lifestyle from Land Rover

An new type of Range Rover – or a 4x4 too far, that's the question the new Evoque convertible poses? The SUV market is a class apart and apart from 'working' models we've seen sports SUVs and even coupé-styled ones – so in many ways, a roofless go anywhere alternative was a natural next step – didn't Audi hint at such an idea many years ago?
The fabric roof does its job in under 20 seconds and (we think anyway) with the hood raised looks better than the normal hatchback although the loss of practicality (and a fifth seat) is a high price to pay. And at a premium of more than 28000 AED over a regular Evoque that means prices start from almost 270000 AED.

The introduction of the Evoque Convertible runs parallel with the launch of three special edition Defenders to see out this genuine classic in style; Autobiography, Adventure and finally Heritage where this model (of which 400 are planned) comes in the same Grassmere green shade that pre-production Landies wore seven decades ago. It's also the cheapest of the trio at 270000 AED but save your money because all three specials are already sold out. Nailed on future classics. 

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